Lisa H.

Lisa Hendrix with her dogsAs I get older, the things I hold most dear to me become increasingly important. My life would be incomplete without everything that dogs give to me every day. I realize they are truly amazing, incredible, spiritual, healing, loving beings.

I have watched Muttville grow from the beginning, and I adopted my Jackson, Muttville's dog #696, years ago. Once a small adoption organization, Muttville has grown to become an inspiration and role model for dog rescue everywhere.

I hope there will never be a world without kindness to dogs, especially older dogs who need it most. It is my love of dogs that has given me a great life, and it is important to me that the work continue long after I am gone. This gift says everything about who I am, what I hold in my heart and what I hope for our future. Dogs will continue to make us better as people. I hope Muttville helps dogs forever. I can't think of a better legacy.